Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thrappledouser on Tour!

Went down to Hertfordshire this weekend for the wedding of an old pal and managed to find our Thrappledouser on tap in a few places in St. Albans. Also had a scrumptious Sunday Roast at the Crystal Palace, a lovely canalside pub in Berkhamsted after perusing Berkhamsted Castle (above). Thanks to Tina and Pete (below right) for a great afternoon.

Off to St. Albans now and the selection at the Boot - a lovely ancient pub with a well-kent beer in the middle!

I think the expression is '' Dingly-Dell''
Went for a wee touristy jaunt around the town and saw a pub sign for the White Lion up a side street. Intrigued, we headed up and inside and through into the beer garden where there was a beerfest! Yippee!
And Thrappledouser was on the bar inside as well. Huzzah!
To top the whole thing there was also a second beerfest at the White Hart one street away...Oh my goodness...

Slàinte, Ken

Monday, August 23, 2010

The kettle's coming to the boil...

More Live Brewing Action with a wee film of the Ossian wort last week coming to the boil in the kettle, or copper, as it's sometimes called. The reason the wort is spinning around slowly is from tangential pumping or whirlpooling to mix the wort thoroughly before the boil begins, so that we can get the correct specific gravity for that particular brew before the boil starts. Each beer has its own specific gravity or Original Gravity, in Ossian's case 1.0420 or as we always say, 1042 OG as in 'Ten Forty Two'.

This is what the actual boil looks like - the steam created causes a bit of havoc for most amateur cameras (like mine!) but this gives an idea of the ferocious nature of a boil. We're not looking for a simmer or a gentle boil but a good rolling boil which helps the malt proteins stick to the hop tannins thus creating the Hot Break, or clumps of protein and tannins, which helps to clarify the finished beer.

One thing to remember about brewing is that boiling, or brewing, is at the heart of what it's all about - that's why we are called brewers and not fermenters or barrellers, even though boiling is only part of the operation to make beer.

Anyway time to put the kettle on...

Slàinte, Ken

Friday, August 13, 2010

Stylish Premium Quaffing in Rome

SPQR - Senatus PopulusQue Romae- 'the Senate and People of Rome' - found on many a Roman inscription and upon the eagle standards of the legions on their march northwards into Scotland in 79AD under Agricola, who set up camp along the River Tay in Perth - Bertha in Latin - now has a new meaning.

Ossian, our champion award-winning supremely golden ale, is now on sale in the Eternal City at the Coliseum in Rome courtesy of our importer Johnny's Off-Licence (http://www.offlicense.it/). Two years past, Arlene and I had a wee break in Rome, our 'Roman Holiday', even including Vespa rides around the Forum and the Coliseum, before a very pleasant afternoon spent in Johnny's Off-Licence sampling the glorious Ossian.

Fresh supplies arriving at Johnny's Off-Licence

Therefore SPQR also stands for Stylish Premium Quaffing in Rome!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great British Ossian Fest

Off down to London for the Great British BeerFest on Tuesday for the afternoon session. Looking forward to it as there's 4 kilderkins of Ossian and 4 kilderkins of Sunburst up for drinking. Hope to catch up with some customers there too...