Saturday, May 14, 2011

New for old! Our Laboratory Lives!

As you probably know, we have always been very careful in analysing our beer to improve it and to maintain the consistency of the flavours. The picture above shows our old laboratory techniques in yeast vitality and viability. I'm on the right with the lorgnette and sample flask and young Grima, our trainee brewer, is on the left with Richard, who started his brewing career in the lab of a long-gone Edinburgh brewery, in the middle. We are very fortunate to have our new lab, pictured below, with its state of the art equipment, which now has pride of place in the brewery itself, thus clearing space in the kitchen for the toaster and a new kettle.
Slainte, Ken

Monday, May 2, 2011

Blackfriar for Finland - Olut Suomen!

Here's your local brewmaster standing beside our new 60 bbl FV8 bedecked with Sinivalkoinen or the Finnish Flag to mark this brew of Blackfriar destined for our good friends in Finland in a few weeks time.
Gippis & Slàinte