Monday, January 25, 2010

Perth 800 Beer launched at Museum Extravaganza

Had a very hectic few weeks after getting back to the brewery after New Year. Deep snow which had lain since before Xmas, having partly thawed out and refrozen, creating a ice sheet for everyone to venture upon, made life at the brewery (and everywhere else) difficult. Forklifting pallets of malt, bottles and casks twixt brewery loading bay and lorry will become, I am sure, a new Winter Olympic sport with extra points awarded to the driver with the quickest digging out of the ice technique!
Now the big freeze is (we hope) behind us, we've been up to our usual mischief and launched a new brew - Perth 800, a lovely deep amber 4% ale to celebrate Perth's 800th anniversary. The launch party was held at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery with a cavalcade of minstrels, mummers and marvels celebrating the 800 year old history of the Fair City of Perth calling forth the days of yore when the town received its Royal Burgh Charter from King William the Lion in 1210.
Ask your local pub to get a cask in - I'll be making sure mine does!
Cheers for now, Ken

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 here already!

Up on the Black Isle over Hogmanay with my pal Snowy about to toast the New Year. He's come prepared with a bottle of Ossian, sensible fellow that he is. He's been relishing the cold weather which has been keeping temperatures well below freezing for the past three weeks now, although it's been a bit of a struggle trying to get the brewery deliveries through. January's motto has become 'the beer must get through' as we can't let our drinkers down!
Here's to a good 2010 to you and yours!
Slàinte, Ken