Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year to one and all this Year of Homecoming Scotland 2014!

Every New Year brings its own special joy and reflections on the previous twelve months and this one is no different. 2013 was a very interesting year for the brewery with three new people joining and new beers created and enjoyed, not to mention more fermenters, conditioning tanks, keg filler and cask cleaner together with solar panels on the roof (ok, where else?) and a new liquid CO2 bulk tank system. So I celebrated Hogmanay with some Santa's Swallie and some fine Scottish Tablet.

On top of all of this we brewed some fabulous beer and tried our best to improve the human condition through the medium of beer! I think we've succeeded and we'll strive to continue with this approach over the next twelvemonth.
2014 is the year of Homecoming Scotland and I'm proud to have brewed a delicious eponymous beer to celebrate this:

Here's a shot of Dave the Tanker Driver with me filling up Tanker T32 with the first batch of Homecoming Scotland 2014 beer which has now been packed into stylish and contemporary 330ml longneck bottles. Great for every occasion!
Jamey Bowers, the current Miss Scotland, gladly pouring the first glass of Homecoming Scotland 2014 beer 
Anyway back to wishing you all a super and fulfilling New Year. May it be prosperous and happy and accompanied by great-tasting beer!
Bliadhna Math Ur! Happy new Year!

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