Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The very best of the season's greetings to you all. We've been very busy at the brewery (above today in the ice and snow, -12c outside) making sure that all our customers get deliveries and brewing sufficient beer for the New Year.
I'll be raising a glass of Ossian to all followed by a wee minikeg of Lia Fail with dinner tonight at a pal's...
Here's to you all for the the coming year, or we say in Gaelic, Nollaig Chridheil 's Bliadhna Mhath Ùr!
Slàinte, Ken

Monday, December 14, 2009

Loch Katrine Odyssey

It's been a while since we had warm sunny days as we approach mid-winter in Scotland, so I thought I'd share with you our search for a pint on a balmy late October Sunday.
Starting point was the Trossachs Pier, where the Lady Arlene and I boarded the SS Sir Walter Scott above with our bikes to sail to Stronaclachar at the western end of Loch Katrine. A beautiful and interesting boat trip on the old steamer over Loch Katrine with the added attraction of having a bottle of Ossian in the cafe on the forward deck.
Approaching Stronaclachar Pier, where there is really good cafe. This is where we alighted the vessel and set off on the bikes beside Loch Arklet for Inversnaid, which lies on the western side of Loch Lomond. Fab scenery but very, very steep hills down to the big loch.

The Lady Arlene enjoying a cuppa and a piece (Scots for sandwich) at Inversnaid Pier overlooking Loch Lomond and Ben Vorlich in the distance. Sitting in the sun - what pleasure!

Cycling back through Glen Arklet back towards Stronaclachar and another cuppa. Feeling very chipper having made it up the hill from Inversnaid without collapsing.

On the north side of Loch Katrine looking back towards Stronaclachar.

Just past the Strone Farmhouse with the Trossachs and Ben A'an in the distance. You might just make out the SS Sir Walter Scott as the white speck above right of the Lady Arlene's head.

After a lovely ride back along the north shore of the loch to Trossachs Pier, we headed into the Anchor's Rest above for a well deserved pint of Ossian before heading back to the brewery to check the fermentations and set the temperature and timer on the hot liquor tank on for Monday's brew of...yes, you guessed it,

Cheers! Ken

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mill Train in Position on Mezzanine

Our Malt Hopper (the table structure in foreground) is now in place with the screw conveyor (the white tube) taking the malt up to the Mill on the mezzanine floor. The BIG BLUE VALVE is the gas main supply.
Upstairs the red Mill crushes the grain and the next bendy white tube conveyor takes it up to the top of the Grist Case with its 1 tonne capacity. When we mash in (mixing the grist with hot water in the mash tun) there is a third screw conveyor to take the grist from the grist case bottom to the Mash Mixer on top of the Mash Tun.
Most of the major construction work is complete in the new brewery but as I've said before, there is still plenty to do - steam boiler, lagging of pipework (all 2.7 kilometres of it!), refrigeration, electrics, motors and pump refurbishment, let alone bringing over the existing fermenters and conditioning tanks from the present brewery....

Our e-shop is now open for business!

Great news all you beer lovers - the Inveralmond Brewery e-shop is now open for business and already taking mail orders without us telling anyone about it! Oh the wonders of the web!
We're still working on the shop site and the brewery web pages are going through a bit of a revamp, but you'll see a nice change over the next few weeks.
The shopping pages are very straightforward, so go and have a good look around. In fact I do believe that there is the perfect Xmas gift for everyone!

Happy shopping, Ken